June, 2017 28
By: Ved - Admin

11 Simple Tips to Secure your Smartphone

Usage of mobile devices is now an essential part of our life. From early morning alarm to the bedtime chatting with friends, it will remain with us all time. All-important tasks like shopping, banking, mailing, social media engagement, information transfer etc is performed through mobile within seconds.

June, 2017 9
By: Ved - Admin

Is Your Smartphone – The Next Ransomware Victim!

Recently more than 4 lakhs vulnerable computer systems were infected with the tricky Ransomware Wannacry as the outbreak quickly spread across the world. This attack results in the disappearance of lots of valuable personal or official data, either one had to pay around 300$ to 600$ within a week to get their data back.

April, 2017 19
By: Ved - Admin

9 UI/UX tips for eCommerce to boost conversion ratio

Last week we had a talk on eCommerce Statistics which no one can ignore in 2017, following that today we will share you some important tips of – “How to choose an eCommerce platform?”& “What to Choose in terms of an eCommerce platform?” for an eCommerce Business.