June, 2020 25
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7 Most Important WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Businesses

Have you been thinking about creating a new blog? You are confused and wondering what are the Most Important WordPress plugins you should install? If you are thinking, then you are in the best place. Here we have managed to list out the best 7 Plugins for WordPress that you should be installed from the …

June, 2020 18
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Why Website Maintenance Service is Essential for any Business Website?

“A successful website maintenance does three things:  It attracts the right kind of visitors. Guides them to the main service or the products you offer Collect contact details for future ongoing relations”   Whether it’s the newly designed website or recently redesigned one, no website is a “Perfect Website”. Any website requires frequent updates and …

June, 2017 28
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11 Simple Tips to Secure your Smartphone

Usage of mobile devices is now an essential part of our life. From early morning alarm to the bedtime chatting with friends, it will remain with us all time. All-important tasks like shopping, banking, mailing, social media engagement, information transfer etc is performed through mobile within seconds.

June, 2017 9
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Is Your Smartphone – The Next Ransomware Victim!

Recently more than 4 lakhs vulnerable computer systems were infected with the tricky Ransomware Wannacry as the outbreak quickly spread across the world. This attack results in the disappearance of lots of valuable personal or official data, either one had to pay around 300$ to 600$ within a week to get their data back.