Important 3 things to consider after Development of website using WordPress

WordPress updates

WordPress is one of the globally accepted CMS (Content Management System) and users of this CMS are increasing year-on-year. One big reason behind this, it is an open source and open to everyone so a part of very big technical community is working all the time to improve it on daily basis so that end users or website owners can adopt it with comfort. Here, I am putting some important things to consider after you have developed your website using this globally accepted CMS i.e. WordPress:

  1. Keep website WordPress version up-to-date:
    As mentioned, very huge technical community is working to improve WordPress every day and so the owner of the website needs to update their website’s WordPress version up-to-date. Here, when I say up-to-date WordPress version does not mean to update the version as soon as it releases but at least update quarterly. And for this, you can have service providers who are having very cost effective yearly package and flexible payment terms for the same.
  2. Keep the used WordPress theme version up-to-date:
    Generally, we noticed as per client’s requirements website development team either use ready to use themes or make needful customizations in child theme to meet clients expectations. In both scenario, to keep the used WordPress theme up-to-date is important aspect. Again, same thing website owner do not need to worry about to update the version with every release but need to get the needful done quarterly.
  3. Update the used Plugins up-to-date:
    We noticed in most of WordPress websites, web development team use to or need to setup few basic plugins like Contact Form7 or Formidable or any other plugin for the Get A quote or Inquiry forms. And further to boost security and loading speed need to use Cache Plugin and Security Plugin. So to keep such basic plugins up-to-date is also important to keep the developed website healthy all the time.
Without going in more details, here I am concluding this blog with one last line i.e. “Either you update any contents or use your website for business generation or not but to keep above mentioned 3 things updated quarterly can keep your website healthy and work till you pay for your yearly Domain and Hosting packages.

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