Benefits of WordPress for SEO Activities on the Website

Benefits of Wordpress for SEO

Back in 2003 - a time when a concept of blogging is not much popular, there is a platform named Wordpress released with a core purpose of blogging.

Today that same platform is evolved to a full-fledged CMS & is being used by overall 28% of total websites all around the world.

Yes, it is Wordpress – which is a perfect CMS favoured not only from designers and developers but also from the end users too.

Being this much popular, a question always arises... “Is Wordpress SEO-Friendly?”

The answer is at first instant is BIG “Noooo”

Yes, you got it right as the default Wordpress installation is not at all SEO-friendly!

Then, why Wordpress is popular for designing & developing a website?

With the default WordPress installation we only have few facilities like SEO-friendly permalinks, inbuilt content management but one can have WordPress Free Plugins which make your website 100% SEO-friendly with very few additional efforts.

Few important things – Which make WordPress - the most preferred platform for websites & its SEO...

Open Source

As WordPress is an open source platform, you don’t have to buy any kind of license to build a website on WordPress platform after only downloading it from WordPress website. Because it is open source, anyone can easily modify it according to its own requirement. Such flexible nature of any platform is very much beneficial for SEO purpose, if it is properly handled.

Support & Security

WordPress does not offer direct client support but at the same time its’ huge online community and forums allow to get connected with experts and solve all queries.

Further, such community members regularly release updates to keep this platform bugs free & secure from hackers. Being secure, this platform is very much suitable for SEO of the website.

No FTP’s required for Editing

For on-page SEO activities constant requirement of editing work required in the website contents.

WordPress is having very easy-to-use content editing system which allows to manage all contents as and when required.

Hence, all SEO activity like inserting & editing title, keywords, description, Meta tag, snippet, linking, anchoring, H tagging can be done easily with WordPress without using any FTP clients.

CMS (Content Management System)

We all are aware of the fact that, “Content is King” and an awesome content is necessary for any website to perform better with respect to SEO.

WordPress is bundled with the open source HTML WYSIWYG editor “TinyMCE” that allows you to format your content in the best possible way. You can insert, update & delete any Text, links, images or videos into your content in the easiest way.

The most important thing is that you didn’t have to hire any web designer to edit your page even if you don’t know coding.

Built in Blogs Functionality

WordPress has default blog functionality with easy setup features like the comments section, recent article section, email subscription, RSS etc. This plays important role in SEO.

Permalink Structure:

WordPress supports SEO friendly URLs. It by default set slug from the title of the page. Yet, you can customize URLs according to your SEO preference.


WordPress has 51,180+ plugins available in it database. Among them a huge percentage of plugins are for SEO purpose, making it easy for your website to be SEO ready.

Most of this plugins are free for basic usage and you can buy it anytime for advanced usage. Social sharing plugins allows your content to be shared on social media that results in more organic traffic.

To improve page load speed there are many plugins with functionalities like image optimization & compression, caching, cdn, compression of external files like css & Js, reduction of the http request etc. which is beneficial to SEO.

Undoubtedly, there is no escape from the core SEO task. But, using such plugins will ease your overall SEO work.

Multi User Support

WordPress supports multi user access allowing limited access to each user. It helps to define access levels of each user and restrict them to access data not required to him.


In today’s competition, there is no worth of website without SEO. Hence, if you are planning your new website or a blog then WordPress is the best available option not only with respect to design and development portion but also with respect to SEO perspective.

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