Choosing an Offshore WordPress Development Company – How To Do It Right

Selecting Wordpress Development Company

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System (CMS) used to build different-different segments of websites. With the amazing featured plugins & widgets, ease of updating the content and low maintenance features, WordPress is continuously increasing its user base. From the small business to large enterprises, everyone uses WordPress to strengthen their online presence and to reach their prospective customers. With regular updates, easy implementation and a strong ecommerce add-ons, WordPress is steadily acquiring the ecommerce business portals markets too.

There are many WordPress development agencies across the globe that provides professional WordPress solution for small or large enterprise business. As mentioned in our previous article, it is very beneficial to outsource the web development services to an Indian IT companies that can provide you world-class professional WordPress solution at real cost effective rates. There are some disadvantages of outsourcing as mentioned in our previous article. However, if one follows few basics to choose an offshore WordPress development company, then he/she will get a professional WordPress website at unbelievable dirt cost.

Let’s Focus on details.

How to choose an Offshore WordPress Development Company to outsource your website

The first and most important thing you had to do, is to ask yourself “What”?

  • What is the requirement for your business website? Identify your needs.
  • What to “include” and “not to include” on your business website?
  • What is the target audience for your business website?
  • What is the budget?

It is not necessary that you must be clear for all of these questions, but at least you should be aware of it. It helps you to better explain your WordPress developer about your goals and plan for your business website.

The next thing you had to do is to search a WordPress development agency.

Put some efforts on the professional web designer and developer portals like LinkedIn, Freelancer, 99Designs, Upwork, Crew, Coroflot, Crowd Springs, Design Crowd etc. Moreover, there are sites like Behance, Dribbble, etc. to exhibit the talent of those designers and developers. These marketplaces are the pool of extremely talented designers, developers, and WordPress development agencies who can build you an excellent professional business site.

Analyse the work of those designers and developers, check for their work, client’s reviews, and response time. Message or call them and ask for details.

Consider referral.


Reference is the best-preferred option one can consider while selecting a WordPress development company. Many of your contacts may have already worked with these offshore outsourcing WordPress development firms and had some sort of good or bad experience. Get the referral suggestion from your contacts and analyze.

Now it’s time for you to ask questions?

Yes. It’s the time to ask about the following things.


In case of WordPress Development, the experience is the key component. WordPress is easy to use CMS. However, if not implemented properly then issues will raise in near future. Hence, always ask for an experienced developer who is aware of the common issues and can develop your website preventing it from those issues. It doesn't matter a company is new if its developers are well experienced.


With the daily increase in hacking and data breach news, it is very important for a business website to be secure from such attacks. WordPress is dependent on its plugin, which is the easiest source of loopholes to hack. Hence, make sure that the agency is using only trusted and reputed plugin that is secure from hacking and malware attacks. The WordPress development agency must have a resource to check and secure your website from security breaches in the desired amount of time.

Customer support:

Whatever the precautions one can take, there is a chance of errors and bugs in the development. It is very important for a business website to work 24x7.Hence make sure to ensure that you will get a quick response and reliable customer services for a web maintenance services.

Technology used:

Make sure that the WordPress Development Agency is using an updated tools and technologies to develop a high-quality WordPress website. This will ensure the quality right from the scratch. Also, make sure that the developers from that agency are familiar with the latest updates from the technologies used to develop WordPress website...

Few questionnaires you should ask any WordPress development company before outsourcing your WordPress website

  1. What is the methodology they implement to build the website?
  2. What technologies do they use to develop the website?
  3. What is the workflow the company follows?
  4. Did you own the authorship of final code?
  5. Is the final code script is enriched with comments to create edit friendly code?
  6. Are they using any plugins to develop the website?
  7. Is that plugin is secure with a better reputation and routine updates?
  8. Is the code comes with proper documentation that allows for migration and scalability?
  9. Did the code pass through will passed through Security Test, QA, Vulnerability Test, Speed Test etc?

On a Short Note:

Searching for a WordPress development company to outsource your client’s projects is really a tough situation. With the rise in competition, it is hard to find the right agency to outsource work. On a positive side, you will get lot more options to choose. The only thing you had to check is "Did these companies satisfy your questionnaire."

Are you looking to outsource WordPress website?

Feel free to ask any of your queries and get quick solutions from our professional WordPress developers. We are happy to serve you the best WordPress solution suitable for your business website.



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