Basic 5 Questions with their Answers before choosing WordPress CMS for your Business website

1.Are there any limitations of WordPress CMS?

Practically speaking, there are no limitations with WordPress if you get connected with a skilled developer.

WordPress can be utilized to design and develop from a simple blogging or informative website to a full fledge multi-product, multi-vendor ecommerce or shopping websites.

SEO and Digital marketing teams prefer one page lead generation websites using this because on-page SEO activities and their tracking is very easy to implement with the use of various WordPress plugins.

2.Are and same or different? is a managed hosted service of WordPress software, which allows to design and develop website. This is having only specific capabilities and does not allows freedom to design and develop website as per the needs. provides you complete WordPress setup/installation package for which you will have to buy web hosting services from Go daddy, Hostgator, Site ground or any other as per your choice. And using this, you will have all freedom to design and develop the website as per the needs.

3.Are WordPress websites called Static or Dynamic websites?

Website is Dynamic or Static is depends on how the owner of the website manages it. Because in simple words, we all say an informative website with 5-6 business pages as Static website. But at the same time if an owner of the website keep updating the contents of those informative pages or even keep adding new services or products in their website, then the same static website can be called as Dynamic website.

Basically, in the initial phase of WordPress CMS major users were using this as Blogging sites as they get enough flexibility whenever they want to add new blog posts in their blogging site. As conclusion, for me all WordPress websites should called as Dynamic websites.

4. WordPress is always in discussion because of its security flows. Is WordPress latest version secure enough?

All WordPress experts must say – Yes, WordPress is enough secure now days if developers use standard guidelines while developing websites with the standard Web building blocks (PHP, Java, CSS).

One can find number of blogs and articles from big wordpress community about to take precautions in WordPress website to keep it Secure and just need to follow those.

5.Last and very popular now days – Is it important to upgrade wordpress website?

I don’t say NO to this as most of the wordpress experts says upgrade of WordPress is must for the security purpose and without this website gets Malware attack and so on… And yes, I agree with all of these experts as I have seen such cases and solve those issues as well.

But I have few clients for whom we have designed and developed informative websites (some are having more than 50 pages each) and they are regularly posting blogs and articles on that. These were designed and developed in 2006 – and never upgraded even once and working very healthy and wealthy for the client.

In conclusion, if website is developed with standard guidelines and having good hosting company to host then to upgrade WordPress is not must.

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