Software Development

Software Development

At Ved Web Services we believe Software Development needs lots of understanding for Business Processes before start of the Development and we define its life cycle towards successful software product.

We have team of Analysts who are having core experience to understand any business and moreover who enjoys the challenge when any new requirement comes in terms of software development services.

Further, we finalize all client requirements with a common document. Accordingly we share client deliverables with how the Software Development Life Cycle goes on till the final deliverables.


Internet and WAP

Database Development
and Data Base Engines

We also provide some specialized services in terms of
software development as:

Software Development Workflow

1.Database design & on-going support

2.Custom Software Development

3.Software Application Migration

4.Testing Services in terms of Third party testing, usability testing for applications and web sites

5.Software Consulting and on-going problem solving with support services


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